Monday, May 28, 2012

Just Say No To Timeshare Tours

Here's some humor for the day about the dreaded timeshare tour. Yes even South Park took a jab at one of those high pressure presentations where you get stuck listening to seedy salespeople pitch their timeshare offering. All so typical of those things is the "catch" that keeps you captive to them long after agreed upon.

While I must confess I am not a huge fan of South Park, haven't all of us who have owned timeshare for awhile been badgered and bothered by such kinds of salespeople? Take a tour, get xyz and once you get there you find it's difficult to find an escape route?

Sometimes the freebies attract people to these presentations. Sure the free deals sound great but believe me they are giving them out because they hope the end result is that you will buy their more often than not overpriced offering and they will make a sale.

My advice is "Just Say No To Timeshare Tours". It's the surest way to avoid high pressure and overpaying for a timeshare. Saying no is also guaranteed to make you enjoy more vacation time and less time in front of someone who doesn't want to let you leave without selling something.

The wisest and most savvy way to buy a timeshare is to buy a previously loved one. That is to buy from an owner on the resale market. You will find the best deals there and the prices are already depreciated from the high priced offerings on timeshare tours.

Looking for a reasonably priced Florida Timeshare for your family's use, enjoyment or exchange? Don't overpay and buy right! I would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect timeshare property for you to own without breaking the bank.

What's better? I promise no high pressure, honesty and integrity and no seedy sales tactics like these dudes on South Park!

I'm here to help! Feel free to contact me anytime.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Timeshare Owners Beware! Western Union Scams Are On The Rise

Western Union scams are on the rise. Timeshare owners should be aware and a knowledgeable consumer/timeshare owner so as not to get tricked by them.

Timeshare ownership is a wonderful thing but haven't we all had those phone calls about how much your timeshare is supposedly worth, how companies are willing to help you sell/dispose of them etc.?

These sollicitations mostly come by telephone and sometimes postcards. An an especially sticky one is the recent rise in Western Union telephone scheme related timeshare scams. I have heard of dozens of such incidents from various "companies", a term which I use loosely because most aren't legitimate companies at all. Multiple timeshare owners have mentioned this company to me that recently got caught.

Those folks on the other end of the phone are tricksters. They know what they are doing. They hope (and pray!) that you are unsuspecting and that they are convincing enough to lighten your wallet while you think you are selling or disposing of a timeshare. They do not call them scammers for nothing!

Why Western Union? There are several reasons.....

First, as a timeshare company, legitimate or not, it's become harder and harder to obtain a merchant account which is necessary to accept credit card payments. Credit card processing companies view the timeshare industry as high risk. Which is sad because it makes it harder for those buying and selling thru legitimate outlets to do business but as always, scammers ruin it for everyone.

Second, with Western Union virtually anyone can pick up the money anywhere at any location that does Western Union. Unless an investigation like the one I'm about to share takes place, it's highly unlikely that it would be traced.

So it is obvious why more and more timeshare scammers have gone the Western Union route.

Fortunately, there has been another bust and two more arrests in Western Union timeshare related scams here in Florida. While this one appeared to originate in Hillsborough County, investigators eventually tracked the money pickup location (via Western Union) to Volusia County.

You can read all about it here:

Two Women Arrested In Volusia Timeshare Scam

Thirteen victims and more than $20,000 later, they were caught. It is fortunate that they were caught that soon because it's often difficult to trace Western Union money pickup or ascertain who is picking it up. Thanks to some consumer complaints and good police and investigative work through several agencies, these two got busted fairly fast.

Interestingly enough, one of the two arrested was actually banned from using Western Union which is probably why she needed a partner in her latest scheme. This is far from surprising.

Kudos to the authorities for keeping up with these unsavory characters!

As always, be safe and aware as a timeshare owner. As you know, deals that sound too good to be true usually are.

A legitimate company will not charge you up front fees to sell your timeshare, regardless of what they call or term them. In a legitimate real estate transaction, as selling a deeded timeshare would be, all costs should be taken care of and accounted for at closing, never up front.

In short, if they are asking for a Western Union payment, know that those scams are on the rise and simply hang up the phone!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Looking For A Friendly Place To Vacation? Lehigh Resort Club Is Like The "Cheers" of Southwest Florida Resorts!

Looking for a friendly, family oriented place to vacation? Whether it's fun in the sun or laid-back relaxation you crave on your Florida vacation, you will find that Lehigh Resort delivers on both fronts!

This Silver Crown rated resort consistently gets top ratings from travelers and one of the things that make this resort truly unique and special is it's people.

From the friendly, fun loving staff to owners and guests that vacation there each week, you aren't among strangers but friends or friends yet to be made.

One could liken Lehigh Resort Club to the "Cheers" of Southwest Florida Timeshare Resorts. It's the place where "everyone knows your name".

So forget about the beach, sand, noise and traffic! Trade the hustle-bustle of busier vacation destinations for one that will be sure to please the whole family. This resort offers lots of vacation value affordably! From it's great amenities to a full activities program, there's plenty to do and you'll love doing it in an environment where you get to know your neighbors, make friends, have a few laughs and plan to meet next year for the same kind of fun.

Want to know more about Lehigh Resort Club? Head on over to the Snowbird Journal where we recently featured the Lehigh Resort Club:

If you like what you read about Lehigh Resort Club, come take an armchair tour of this hidden gem of a resort and find out just how much it offers you as a new owner:

Ownership at Lehigh Resort Club has never been more affordable and provides a lot of value for the money! Contact Dawn Mathisen, Resale Agent for Lehigh Resort Club to learn more at (239) 265-7086 or

Looking forward to getting to know your name at Lehigh Resort Club!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Read All About It - My Recent Article About Timeshare Scams In The Snowbird Journal

Timeshare owners should be aware of the scams that are out there with respect to selling their timeshares. Unsavory characters always stay one step ahead when it comes to coming up with new ways to scam unsuspecting owners out of their money.

Especially timely and seemingly on the rise is the Western Union or Money Gram angle, which leaves a timeshare owner even less recourse than using a credit card to pay these upfront fees they get talked into.

Read all about it in the January Issue of the Snowbird Journal - The Magazine for Southwest Florida's Seasonal Residents. While you are at it, why not subscribe to the Snowbird Journal? It's always full of great articles about everything Southwest Florida. Head on over there by clicking the logo below:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Don't Miss Out On Some Great Deals At Lehigh Resort Club!

Season is fast getting into full swing at the Lehigh Resort Club! The Resort's 9 hole golf course is open for play and the owner tournaments everyone so enjoyed are back on the recreation schedule!

It's been a while since I've published a Hot List for some really great owner resales. Right now, we have some extremely attractive deals out there for those looking to expand their ownership at Lehigh Resort Club as well as new owners who want to enjoy the value and everything it offers.

Once people experience Lehigh Resort Club, the beautiful Southwest Florida weather, the resort's family and home style feel and the balance of relaxation along with abundant amenities and activities, they fall in love and want it to be their home resort. The Resort had a pretty full house during the Thanksgiving holiday and the Thanksgiving Dinner was well attended and enjoyed by all. What a feast!

Here are some of the hottest deals for owner resales at Lehigh Resort Club right now. Please get in touch with me if any of these interest you and let's make it your's!

Week 38 - Unit 563 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Listed for $695 but owner will look at any reasonable offers so bring them!
View Listing Here

Week 2 - Unit 1007 - 2 Bedroom Lockout, 1st Floor
Peak season - Early January week. Great pricing! This one won't last. Listed for $1,500.
View Listing Here

Weeks 42 & 43 - Unit 906 - 2 Bedrooms, 1st Floor
Back to back weeks in same unit. Desirable Building 9! These don't come along everyday, especially back to back or at this price. Listed for $3,500 for both weeks. Make your offer today!
View Listing

Week 43 - Unit 1006 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Check out this great week and unit! Ground floor in Building 10 right across from the Clubhouse. Superb pricing and owner wants offers!
View Listing

Weeks 7 & 8 - Unit 813 - 1 Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Popular Building 8 - Prime Time! It's not often you see back to back weeks during this top season timeframe. No moving! Don't miss out on a gem of a find! Listed for $3,000 for both weeks.
View Listing

Week 42 - Unit 803 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Another popular Building 8 offering that's sure to please! At this price, it won't last! Buy it now for just $695!
View Listing

Weeks 7, 8 & 9 - Unit 688 - Small Studio, 2nd Floor
Can you say WOW to this affordability for singles or couples? Three back to back weeks in same unit, no moving or inconvenience. Peak season value at off season pricing. Owner says sell all three weeks together for $1,800 or best offer. Check it out!
View Listing

More to come soon as we continually update our site and add new listings and offers. You can always view all of our active listings for Lehigh Resort Club and Florida Timeshares throughout the state by visiting

When buying or selling Florida Timeshares, please think of us as we will provide you with great customer service, help you find the best deals or sell your unit affordably. Come experience why we are growing all the time. Happy timeshare travels to you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lehigh Resort Club Timeshare Resales - Current HOT List

Here are some of the hottest deals available right now at Lehigh Resort Club for timeshare resales. These are all owner offered resale units. Each of these offers are priced below the average list price and offer additional savings and some really great deals!


Take a look and make your offer! Closing costs will be your choice of: $344 with title insurance or $100 with in-house settlement and waiver of title insurance. The Resort charges a $75 Transfer Fee. These charges are typically paid by the Buyer.

So if you see something that you like which will meet your vacation needs, please get in touch with me at (239) 265-7086 or email me at to get all particulars and submit your purchase offer.

Weeks 1, 2 & 3 - Unit 815 - 1 Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Listed for $4,000 - Seller will consider all offers!
View Listing Here

Week 1 - Unit 1014 - 2 Bedroom Lockout, 2nd Floor
Listed for $1,800
View Listing Here

Week 2 - Unit 220 - 1 Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Listed for $1,300
View Listing Here

Week 4 - Unit 445 - End Studio Unit, 1st Floor
Listed for $800
View Listing Here

Week 10 - Unit 805 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Listed for $1,195
View Listing Here

Week 13 - Unit 910 - 1 Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Listed for $1,500
View Listing Here

Week 14 - Unit 813 - 1 Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Listed for $1,195
View Listing Here

Weeks 15 & 16 - Unit 902 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Listed for $2,200
View Listing Here

Week 15 - Unit 682 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Listed for $795
So New It's Not On Our Website Yet - Call For More Details!

Week 24 - Unit 456 - Studio, 2nd Floor
Listed for $695
View Listing Here

Week 38 - Unit 563 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Listed for $695
View Listing Here

Weeks 44 & 45 - Unit 1013 - 1 Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Listed for $995 for BOTH WEEKS!
View Listing Here

Week 45 - Unit 341 - 1 Bedroom, 2nd Floor
Listed for $795
View Listing Here

Week 52 - Unit 217 - 1 Bedroom, 1st Floor
Listed for $1,195
View Listing Here

If you do not see what you are looking for, please let me know as we have hundreds of other listings at Lehigh Resort Club as well! I will find you the best deal for your desired timeframe.

We also have listings at other popular Florida Timeshare Resorts at destinations like Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach and more. Visit our website Affordable Florida Timeshares to see all current listings.

Ready to get started planning your next timeshare vacation?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are You A Lehigh Resort Club Owner? Or Want To Become One? I Am Here To Help!

It's early October and the weather is beautiful here in Southwest Florida! While we Floridians consider it cool, our mornings right now are the norm for many northern cities in the Fall.

October 1st saw the re-opening of the Lehigh Resort Club's 9 hole golf course which excited a lot of owners and guests. It opened to picture-perfect postcard type weather which only added to it's enjoyment.

As a Florida Timeshare Resale Specialist and owner at Lehigh Resort Club myself, it's exciting to be heading into the Fall and Winter seasons where there's more activity at the Resort.

Please know that I am here to help if you are an existing Lehigh Resort Club owner! You can call me or email me anytime I can help you with any of the following:

* Value of your timeshare or further information about resales.
* The owner-to-owner transfer process if you have decided to sell or gift your timeshare at Lehigh Resort Club to a family member, friend or new buyer.
* The details about the RCI Points system, as Lehigh Resort Club does participate in the RCI Points Program. I can share all the details with you to determine if they meet your needs.
* If you know someone who would like to own a Florida Timeshare and are looking at Lehigh Resort Club, I would greatly value your referral to me! Please know that I will take excellent care of them and there are some superb timeshare deals out there right now at Lehigh Resort Club. I will be sharing our Hot Sheet here on the blog periodically going forward so you will be more "in the know".
* Any other concerns or questions regarding your Lehigh Resort Club timeshare including the VRI*ety Exchange. I am here to help!

Have you considered buying a week or more at Lehigh Resort Club? Right now, there are some incredible deals at this hidden gem of a resort! Let me share them with you! Feel free to call or email me anytime.

More news coming soon about Lehigh Resort Club, including our Hot Deals as they become available. I look forward to serving you!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Locals, Timeshare Owners & Exchangers Alike Should Discover Lehigh Resort Club

In Sunny Southwest Florida, in an adjacent community to Fort Myers and a short drive from Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), you will discover a hidden gem among Florida Timeshare Resorts that offers some of the most smart and savvy buys on the timeshare resale market today.

Lehigh Acres? You've never heard of it? Or you have but don't know much about it. As a timeshare owner or exchanger, maybe you've seen it through RCI or one of the other exchanges. Perhaps you haven't.

Lehigh Acres isn't beachfront but certainly a close drive to the Gulf Beaches of Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Sanibel Island. The excitement of the theme parks and the traffic or night noise that goes along with it doesn't permeate the Lehigh Acres community. As a matter of fact, despite it size, Lehigh Acres has a certain hometown flair that it's residents really love. It's a more quiet laid-back community in comparsion to city life but yet has the things that city life offers including a Super Walmart. Fort Myers and other Southwest Florida communities are a short drive away.

Many people have discovered Lehigh Acres and Lehigh Resort Club on a timeshare exchange they made last minute or when there wasn't a lot of availability. Sure, it's in the right location in the Southwest Florida sun but being a little off the norm of beachfront or theme park vacationing, those who come here for exchange often don't know what to expect. In the end, they are pleasantly surprised.

That is one thing that the Front Desk staff at Lehigh Resort Club always tells me. When people arrive, they don't know what to expect since they are used to cities like Orlando, Tampa, Miami and bigger city vacations. Once they get their groceries and settle into their timeshare, they discover they have achieved the perfect balance of fun and relaxation, free of the hustle-bustle, noise and traffic, but yet rich in things to do. That makes sense because Lehigh Resort Club has incredible amenities, a superb activities program and one of the most impressive collections of sporting equipment, games and things to enjoy (at no charge as part of your vacation week) that I've ever seen at any timeshare resort. That's saying something too, because I've vacationed at about 50 different timeshare resorts in the state.

In the beginning, those who exchange here say "Where in the heck is Lehigh Acres and Lehigh Resort Club?". As they depart, they are saying "So glad I wound up here and and I'll be back". It has that certain Mikey flair - "Try It, You'll Like It" if you remember those television commercials from years back.

Fact is, there is so much to like about Lehigh Resort Club! A consistent Silver Crown rated resort that offers you real value for your money as an owner and a great vacation for your exchange. Resale pricing at the resort is super affordable and attractive making it something to consider for anyone who wants to make a smart and savvy financial decision for vacation purposes.

Buy a $10,000 timeshare in Orlando or buy here, where most resales are $2,000 or less, mostly less. Pay high maintenance fees or enjoy lower than the average ones here in Florida and get so much for your money at Lehigh Resort Club, including your little piece of ownership in the resort's very own 9 hole golf course. The golf course purchase asssessments have already been paid too, meaning added benefits to you without more out of your pocket. In today's economic climate, I doubt anyone could not consider that a winner!

Locally, the surroundings of Lehigh Resort Club have changed which is an undisputable fact. It was once nestled behind a hotel. The hotel was demolished and is a part of Lehigh Acres' community history, but no longer. The 9 hole golf course owned by the resort was once part of an 18 hole golf course once known as Lehigh's North Course. For Lehigh Acres residents, you should check out Lehigh Acres' Local Misconceptions About Lehigh Resort Club to bring yourself up-to-date and for an invitation to experience the resort for yourself at some upcoming Open Houses that include a public invitation to use the pool for the afternoon and experience everything it offers.

Ownership has never been more affordable and there are many benefits. The Lehigh Resort Club also offers rentals at some rates that rival any local hotel (but you get a gorgeous timeshare condo instead). For locals, the resort also allows public play while the 9 hole golf course is open, seasonally from October 1-May 1 and offers memberships to local golfers at some very impressive prices.

Lehigh Resort Club is a short drive to two Major League Baseball Spring Training Facilities making ownership or rental offerings during Spring Training a worthy consideration for both Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox fans. The new Boston Red Sox Spring Training facility is within 10 miles of Lehigh Resort Club. A comparison of ownership or rental possibilities at Lehigh Resort Club versus local hotel room rack rates (during peak winter season here in Southwest Florida where rates are higher) would have Spring Training fans realizing how much more they could get for their money. A resort-style condo with kitchen and laundry facilities and an array of amenities and activities that you just don't get from a typical hotel room stay.

I invite you to take a tour of Lehigh Resort Club and what it offers. If you are local, I invite you to take part in the upcoming September Fundays where you can experience it for yourself! Please contact me anytime with questions or for more information. I welcome that! See you at Lehigh Resort Club!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Sundays Are September Fundays At Lehigh Resort Club - Join The Fun!

Be Our Guest! As the resale agent for Lehigh Resort Club, we are turning September Sundays into September Fundays at the Resort!

Three Sundays in September have been designated as September Fundays at Lehigh Resort Club. You can find out more by visiting here. The public and Realtor community both are being invited to an Open House,

But, it's an Open House with some really fun twists....including the fact that it's COOL IN THE POOL!

Yes, that's right! Bring the family to Lehigh Resort Club! Enjoy the pool, check out the other amenities and beautiful grounds. You'll be amazed at all it offers to families to provide the perfect blend of fun and relaxation on vacation. Tour the timeshare units themselves and see all they offer as the ideal vacation "home away from home". Grab a snack or a beverage and have some fun in the sun!

September Fundays will take place on September 11, September 18 and September 25 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. so make a plan to attend on one of those days. If you have never seen Lehigh Resort Club or haven't seen it in years, this is a great opportunity to update yourself on the resort and all that it offers it's owners and guests.

If you have never been there, you will be pleasantly surprised. If it's been years, a lot has changed! We think that you will find Lehigh Resort Club to be a hidden gem, one that you might miss passing by it on the road but when you enter it's like a vacation paradise unto itself.

REALTORS: Looking for more business and income? We encourage you to join us at one of the September Fundays! This Open House is not only for the public, but you! We work with all other real estate professionals on a co-broke or referral basis. Come familiarize yourself with this great opportunity to offer Lehigh Resort Club Timeshares to your clients and customer base. We will show you how you can offer them a great value and in turn make some extra cash! We look forward to seeing you there.

More details are available on our website HERE. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Dawn at 239-265-7086 anytime.

See you for September Fundays!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

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